Unrecognised Program

  Border View 00:10 11 Oct 04

I've just been looking at the list of programs under the Add/Remove List (as you do) and seen L&H TTS3000 British Edition. Don't recognise this one. Can anyone please enlighten me?

  ton 00:17 11 Oct 04
  marjted 00:18 11 Oct 04

Enter L&H TTS3000 in Google, it gives several references

  TOPCAT® 00:22 11 Oct 04

Lernout & Hauspie speech recognition software of some kind. Maybe wrong though. TC.

  curlylad 00:22 11 Oct 04

Looks like some sort of speech engine . Language translation and multilingual text to speech !
That any help ?

  TOPCAT® 00:25 11 Oct 04

Have look here click here

Hope you are keeping well these days? TC.

  spuds 00:32 11 Oct 04

L&H products click here One of their original products was Simply Translating, which was/is a very good translating programme.I believe Lernout & Hauspie sold the original L&H company to Scansoft a couple or more years ago.

  Border View 10:53 11 Oct 04

Hi fellas, thanks very much for responding. Now I know what it is, but where did it come from? I dont recall installing. Is it possible that it came as part of the package from Pipex when I loaded the software for my bb connection? Wonder what would happen if I uninstalled.

Thanks Topcat - am keeping great. Caravan season almost finished so shall be spending lots more time here, especially now that I have bb.

  TOPCAT® 15:14 11 Oct 04

I think it's used, or can be used by your sound card and Windows Media Player. Your version gives the English voice as against the American voice when converting text to speech.

Mine is the Yorkshire voice tinged with Cornish! :o) TC.

  SANTOS7 15:43 11 Oct 04

Av e got cornish blood then lovver or wot? I was born in Newquay but i don't tell everyone.....

  SANTOS7 15:51 11 Oct 04

Should have said, live in yorkshire now...

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