Unreal Tournament ?

  XFX 17:17 02 Aug 03

I have just bought this game and have been tring to get the console up so i can have a bash at using some of the cheat modes. I have tried pressing the ~ key but nothing happens.

Can anyone help me get the console up?


  Mysticnas 17:53 02 Aug 03

they tell you it's the ~ key when it never is!!! every game i've played that uses a console uses the "not" key = ¬

¬ is logical symbol for not!!! computer geeks like me use it when trying to work out how a system works...

eg if we want to say that (for arguments sake)

blah blah..

  Mysticnas 17:54 02 Aug 03

the ¬ key is the little square key just above the "TAB" key.

  XFX 19:08 02 Aug 03

Tried that aswell. Still no console.
Has anyone got the answer?


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