Unlocking a file in W.E properties ?

  Furkin 19 Jun 12



I’m trying to trim and save an image in P.Shop. When I click save, I get: “This file is locked. Use the ‘properties’ command in Windows Explorer to unlock the file”.

When I look in Properties I can’t see where to unlock files.

2/ This might be under the same umbrella: I’ve been sent a User Manual from Hoover/Candy in pdf. I wanted to save it, but get a message saying that I need a code to unlock it. As it came from Hoover/Candy, I assumed it would be open to save.

Is this the same thing, or do I need to ‘try’ getting a code from them ?


  john bunyan 19 Jun 12

I tried to post a link, but it failed. You could try "Save as" , give the file a new name. If you google "Locked file in Photoshop" there are a number of suggestions, but when I linked one, this site sent a message as if I were a spammer - which I certainly am NOT.

  Furkin 19 Jun 12

Hi John, Sorry you had a problem here. We've spoken before,,,, I don't think anyone will think you are a spammer.

Because the message states "win exp" I didn't think it was anything to do with P.shop - i'll google it anyway.

When I first got the image, I opened it in P.S. I saved it as a new name: Candy hinge 2.jpg, in library > pictures. That was alright. Today I went to crop it to get rid of surrounding unwanted bits, & clicked 'Save'. That's when I got the message.

Before looking at google (thanks) I tried saving as another name, as you advised. I cropped it and saved as Candy hinge 3.jpg. This time - it saved all right !

That's 1/ solved (hopefully) thanks. I'll now try the google angle.



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