unknown startup programme

  Smiler 11:05 23 Jan 04

My brother has win2000pro and everytime he starts the computer a window named expl23 opens and attempts to connect to a site on the net but always fails. I've looked in the start up programmes but there is no reference to this file. Any help in trying to stop it running please.

  Chegs ® 11:17 23 Jan 04

I found one english reference to expl23 on another forum,but no other posts to say who/what it was click here

  plsndrs3 11:21 23 Jan 04

Have you run spybot S&D click here or Adaware click here ? Also start>run> type 'msconfig' without the commas to see what is starting up, but spybot & Adaware may sort it for you. You can disable from here as well.

  Smiler 16:46 23 Jan 04

Chegs ® & plsndrs3

Sorry should have typed expl32 not 23.
Tried adaware and spybot but didn't make any difference.

  VoG II 16:59 23 Jan 04
  Smiler 17:07 23 Jan 04

Thanks VoG will try the suggestions on that link next time I go to his house as he's not very Computer literate.

  Chegs ® 20:07 23 Jan 04

"expl32 " when run thru google gives up loads of references to a worm,so VoG's suggestion should cure your mates pc problems.

  DAGO49 08:42 25 Jan 04

I had a hunt around and found a useful site and found this, it says that it is added as a result of the 'Hactack Virus'

Go Here

click here

it's a site about 'pacman' but there is a link for a d/l of all startup programs and what they are/do and whether or not you need them.

You need to go here to get rid of the problem.
hope this helps.

click here

best regards

  Smiler 11:04 25 Jan 04

thanks for the info. I've had a quick look and this and it sounds a possible route to take. As I said above I can't do anything until I go to my Brothers which won't be for a while but I will report back. Thanks again all.

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