unknown software installed

  Leslie-212488 21:37 04 May 05

i was looking at the software installed on my wife's laptop, under computer information/software. under the startup program group i found this. r2mu.u%0uzigyy.
also 4 other similar entries ending in
C:\program files\ISTSVC\ISTSVC.EXE these were installed on the 30 dec. 05. Am i right in thinking that the look like viruses? What are they, where are they located and how can i get they off the system.
what if i roll back the restore point to before the thes got on the system?

  stalion 21:47 04 May 05

yes it is spyware run spybot click here

  Technotiger 21:49 04 May 05

Hi, yes they do look very dodgy - you could try system restore first - but - I would suggest running all or any spyware/anti-virus/ad-aware progs that you have. Go off-line first though and disable system restore before running the get-rid-of programs; nasties sometimes/often 'hide' within system restore. Once cleaned up re-enable system restore before going back on-line.


  bosmere 21:51 04 May 05

Yes it's spyware.

click here to find out how to remove it.

  Leslie-212488 23:21 04 May 05

Bosmere, i tried using the registry to delet this Bug, but could not find any reference to it at all, in the reistry, am i looking in the correct place

  bosmere 11:10 05 May 05

desboy from the site I mentioned - "If you can not remove istsvc.exe (because you can not locate it, or it is in use), download Security Task Manager. This program can kill the process, delete or quarantine this file, or just list all security related information about this file and all other running background processes."

Alternatively try Avast free from click here and/or CounterSpy free trial from click here - both find things that the others don't.

  Leslie-212488 17:51 05 May 05

bosmere, the laptop does not normally go on line, as i belongs to my wife. When we signed up to BB in December, the tech chap connected us up, an it was on line for a good couple of hours.
Also do i need to turn off the system restore, and if so how do i turn it off.

  Technotiger 18:02 05 May 05

Me again - yes, it is best to turn off System Restore as I said earlier - right click on My Computer then Properties and System Restore Tab then put tick in box for Turn Off System Restore.

Afterwards don't forget to remove the tick.


  Leslie-212488 21:49 05 May 05

i have installed Avast, regcleaner and ad-ware. that got rid of IST, but now there mut be at least 300 entries under program startup group, all unknown.i keep getting a pop up from messenger service, one say i have viruses installed, go to click here to have then removed. can i trust these. can i trust anything from messenger service.where do i go from here

  Buchan 35 21:52 05 May 05

When you`ve done all the previous guys suggested I suggest you download Spyware Blaster. I can`t give you a click here but just type it into your Google and search. It`ll come up. All the best.

  Buchan 35 22:07 05 May 05

I`ve personally never trusted M/S Messenger.
My view is that you should download Avast as suggested by bosmere, check immediately for updates, install them if there are any and run the programme, and also install Spyware Blaster.On it`s own this programme stops malware getting onto your PC.
Finally what Firewall are you using? It`s important
that you have a good one. I`m not expert enough to suggest one, but someone will be along to sort that out. Best of luck mate

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