Unknown password! Wot now?

  wotbus@ 18:11 22 May 03

Transferring Outlook folders from old PC (Me) to new PC (XP). Carefully following the instructions in PCA 84 Sept 2002, I managed to get as far as "save" on the old PC, when I was prompted for a password!To the best of my knowledge I have never used one for this BUT I suppose I must have. I have tried all the passwords I have written down so perhaps it was corrupted. The question is: Is there a way out? A couple of weeks ago I remember something like this on the forum but I am unable to find the thread (perhaps with hindsight I should have earmarked that as well). Help anyone please.

  Morpheus© 18:16 22 May 03

do you not just click OK leaving the line blank.

  wotbus@ 18:17 22 May 03

the box just keeps returning.

  Valvegrid 18:50 22 May 03

Can you email me please?

  wotbus@ 18:55 22 May 03

on its way.

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