Unknown folders / files

  ponytail 12:57 17 Jan 11

Does anyone know what these are they are found in C/Drive windows.Are they needed.Have another batch which I will copy and send next.Tried to copy but will not allow me to.But here is one of them .KB2121546.log
The others are as follows


These numbers are all similar as is the first batch of numbers.To find them I go into my computer then LOCAL DISC C AND THEN WINDOWS

Can someone advise

  GaT7 13:05 17 Jan 11

They contain uninstall info for Windows updates. They are only needed if you need to install those particular updates. If you don't think you'll ever have to uninstall these updates, you can safely delete them all, except ONE: $hf_mig$

You can also delete the following:

- Contents of the C:\WINDOWS\ie8updates folder (but not the ie8updates folder itself)

- Contents of the C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution\Download folder (but not the Download folder itself)

- Text files starting with KB in the C:\WINDOWS\ folder.

I always delete the above with no problems at all. G

  xania 13:06 17 Jan 11

Files of this type will allow you to uninstall downloaded updates to Microsoft patches. Once the patches have been installed and the PC is working normally, they can safely be removed, although I tend to move them to a back-up device first for a couple of months - just in case.

  961 13:07 17 Jan 11

click here

I take it there is not actually a stop . in front of the first filename but that it starts with KB

  GaT7 13:08 17 Jan 11

'They are only needed if you need to uninstall those particular updates'. G

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