Unknown file called "~" keeps appearing

  Newuser2380 19:44 27 Dec 03

I have an unknown file called "~" which appears on my desktop every few days. It is always 18okb in size. I delete it when it appears but what is it? Which program creates it? (I am running Windows XP Home.)

  VoG II 19:50 27 Dec 03

It is a copy of your Outlook Express address book. It is caused by a bug in OE and is safe to delete.

  hugh-265156 19:53 27 Dec 03

is just a bug.

the tidle file appearing on your desktop is your outlook express address book.it appears when you have made any changes to the address book like adding a new contact etc and then close outlook express.

remame it with a .wab extension and you will see this is what it is.

you can safely delete it each time it appears.should be a fix from MS soon hopefully.

  hugh-265156 19:53 27 Dec 03

too slow :-)

  powerless 20:26 27 Dec 03

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