'Unknown Device' in device manager (USB)

  Halmer 09:46 05 Jul 08

When I boot up from sleep mode on Vista I get a message that there is a problem with one of my USB connections. I suspect it's related to an 'unknown device' in device manager. Nothing is connected to any USBs.

Should I uninstall it and reboot?

  Halmer 09:56 05 Jul 08

and rebooted upon which it reinstalled but it's still showing as an unknown device in Device Manager.

  T0SH 10:04 05 Jul 08

USB "Unknown Device" is a default driver windows installs when it is unable to identify a device connected to the USB Bus

Try the uninstall and reboot or you can use the right click option "scan for hardware changes" on the "USB Controllers heading" after uninstall saves a reboot

if it persists check for an update to your motherboard chipset drivers

Cheers HC

  Halmer 10:06 05 Jul 08

Nothing's connected via a USB though.

  chub_tor 10:11 05 Jul 08

Do you have anything connected to the motherboard USB headers? A card reader perhaps or outlets to front USB? It may be an internal device rather than an external one that is being picked up.

  Halmer 10:16 05 Jul 08


  Halmer 10:18 05 Jul 08

Works fine apart from this message upon reboot from sleep mode.

I've not modified it at all.

  chub_tor 12:36 05 Jul 08

So if you boot from cold it doesn't show the message but if you boot from sleep it does. Is that correct?

  Halmer 12:37 05 Jul 08

ct thanks.

  Ditch999 12:40 05 Jul 08

Try looking in the BIOS for USB settings. There may be one which says Enable Lecacy USB devices. You could try enabling or disabling that, depending on what it is set to ATM.

  Halmer 13:40 05 Jul 08

Changed it to Disabled then booted up.

Unknown device in DM had disappeared, however, when I put it into sleep mode I got the same message re 'Unknown Device' taking it out of sleep mode and it has reappeared in DM as well.

Just changed BIOS back to enabled to get back to where I was.

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