Unknown Activex

  NickyK 21:30 03 Sep 05

I wonder if anyone can tell me what this might be? It appeared on my Local C: drive (Windows XP SP2) for no obvious reason. Hoever, I had downloaded Easy CD-DVD writer and Desk Top Author 3 of PC Advisor cover discs, so coult it be anything to do with those programs?

  Skills 00:23 04 Sep 05

I would run through your AV and antispyware apps for a start

  NickyK 00:39 04 Sep 05

Good advice. I'll do just that. Then I'll take a risk and delete it.

  Skills 00:42 04 Sep 05

A tip when I delete files that are suspect if you hold down shift as you press delete it doesn't even put the file in the recycle bin.

  NickyK 01:10 04 Sep 05

That's a great tip. Hold down shift as you press delete. Sorry, I have to repeat it to myself otherwise I won't remember.

I actually did the worst thing I could do. I deleted the suspect Activex and wiped it with cleaners. Then I rebooted after ten minutes. Whatever it was, it now isn't. All I have to do now is scan with the uisual lot (Spybot, AVG and Ad-aware. Oh Joy!) Oh, and MSN Giant is almost okayish.

And all I wanted to do tonight was talk to my girlfriend on Yahoo!

Thanks for help. Greatly appreciated.


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