Unix versus Windows Hosting

  geoff47 13:31 PM 30 Oct 10

What is the difference ?
What are the advantages of one over the other?

  Forum Editor 14:45 PM 30 Oct 10

Unix servers are far more stable - less reboots than Windows.

If you plan to use .NET and VB to develop your site, go for Windows hosting.

If you design with Unix in mind you can always host your site on a Windows server. Design with Windows in mind and you could have problems running on a Unix server.

Unix servers stand up to high loads far better than Windows servers.

My advice is to go for a Linux server, you'll be pleased you did, unless you're developing with .NET and VB, in which case it's Windows every time.

  Ansolan 03:11 AM 31 Oct 10

As mentioned in the helpful advice above, unless you have a reason go for Linux. Reliability is higher and if you are looking at shared hosting, controlling your site is likely to be easier e.g. the use of a .htaccess file, when from many hosts you will not see equivalent facilities on Windows.

  geoff47 11:22 AM 31 Oct 10

So unless you have a site for a specific purpose it's Linux every time ?

As a simple soul who wouldn't know what all the definitive reasons for choosing Windows hosting are, I shall go with Linux.

  Forum Editor 13:12 PM 31 Oct 10

"So unless you have a site for a specific purpose it's Linux every time ?"



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