Uninstalling Windows ME

  Binoboy 21:33 01 Jan 03
  Binoboy 21:33 01 Jan 03


Can anybody tell me how to uninstall ME so I can install 98 on my laptop?

I have tried the Control Panel -> Add/Remove Program approach suggested on ME help but Windows Millenium Edition isn't there to select and remove.

Any suggestions please?


  BRYNIT 21:44 01 Jan 03

was this install as a clean install? or was it installed as upgrade? If clean install you will have to format an reinstall 98. If you did an upgrade to ME and did not backup win98 you again will have to format and reinstall.

  Binoboy 21:48 01 Jan 03

It was a clean install - how do I format + reinstall?

  VoG™ 21:51 01 Jan 03

Here's how to format click here

DO NOT DO THIS unless you have a full W98 CD and not an upgrade!

  Binoboy 21:54 01 Jan 03

Cheers, I'll do that and tick when/if it works.

  Brad33 21:56 01 Jan 03

Boot off a 98 startup disk (not an ME one, as you cannot do the format/s command needed to form a boot sector to enable 98 to boot). Choose 'start computer without cdrom support' when you get to the A: prompt, type:

format c:/s

Then press Y. When it asks you for a volume name, just press enter. When you return to the A: prompt, reset the pc, leaving the floppy in the drive, and put the 98 cd in the drive. Boot off the floppy again, and select 'start computer weith cd rom support.' Then, when you get to the A: prompt, type X: (where X is the next letter above your usual letter for that cd drive) and press senter. Then type: setup and press enter, and follow the instructions to install 98.


P.S. There are slightly different ways of doing this, but this is my method that I use.

  woodchip 21:58 01 Jan 03

Get a win98 setup disc from click here AT THE top of the list. And format your disc then load Win98

  Binoboy 22:07 01 Jan 03

I can get as far as 15% on the format where is says

"Checking existing disk format.
Recording current bad clusters
15 percent completed"

but then i get an "insufficient memory" bit at the bottom of this - any solutions?

I like this way - nice and simple... nearly!

  Binoboy 22:27 01 Jan 03

Any suggestions anyone?

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