Uninstalling windows ME

  Tonycooper3 22:49 18 Apr 04

I can't find windows me listed in the add/remove program panel in windows, and seem unable to remove it from a command prompt. i get as far as cd windows\command, then when I put in
uninstal.exe as suggested by Microsoft solution 272159 it says 'bad command name'

Any suggestions?



  VoG II 23:21 18 Apr 04

What exactly are you trying to do?

  sattman 23:24 18 Apr 04


  Smegs 23:26 18 Apr 04

If you are trying to format, you can't do that with-in windows. Is ME your only OS, on the HD??

  Tonycooper3 23:30 18 Apr 04

I'm trying to uninstall windows me so I can install xp - the version I have is not an upgrade - it must be a clean install

BTW I don't want to reformat my hard disk.


  keith-236785 23:53 18 Apr 04


to do a clean install you will have to set your bios to boot cdrom first, insert your winxp cdrom, restart your computer & when asked whether you want to upgrade or format choose format (thats the only way to clear your drive for a clean install).

you cannot Uninstall ME (unless it was an upgrade from an earlier version and you chose to keep a backup) but that is not the point here.

when going to XP, let it format the drive before install.

IF you have important info on your drive you will have to back it up first.

  Tonycooper3 10:56 19 Apr 04

Thanks - I wanted to avoid having to reformat, but guess I'll have to.

  sattman 18:35 20 Apr 04

You have the option to either install on top or format and clean install.

A format and clean insatl is best option if you have full Windows version but in doing so you will lose all your data, software, setting and drivers that are set up on your computor.

For many the other option of install over the top keeps al your info and settings.

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