Uninstalling unwanted

  geoff47 23:46 01 Sep 04

Any help in uninstalling a new unwanted invader on my PC.Where it came from I know not,its not nice and its not in installed programs so cant do it from there.
Its called Instant Access (expect you know what its accessing) Moved it off my desktop,but its still running in the Taskbar.Im using win98se and crazybrowser.
Any help?
Thanks Geoff47

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:55 01 Sep 04
  Strawballs 23:59 01 Sep 04

click here download and run this.

  geoff47 00:25 02 Sep 04

Thanks for that...its gone.
I am on broadband so thought dialers didnt do their things....used Regcleaner ....believe it or not I had it installed already...I am so dumb.
Thanks again.

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