Uninstalling Rainlender calender from programmes

  cruiser2 10:55 27 Aug 12

I have Windows 7 32 bit as my OS. After having a problem with my computer, I have re installed Rainlender calender. When I start the computer the monitor icons are fuzzy and I get a small window saying I have two versions of Rainlender. If I click shut down the icons revert to normal. When I go into Control Panel to try to uninstall Rainlender, it is not shown in the list of programmes. So how can I uninstall it and then re-install so that ir is running normally. Have tried other calenders but they don't seem as good as this.

  northumbria61 11:01 27 Aug 12

You may have to download and run Mighty Uninstaller to search for Rainlender see here enter link description here

  cruiser2 16:11 27 Aug 12

I have managed to uninstall it. Tried Mighty Unistaller but it kept asking me for payment before I could go any further. So I down loaded Rainlender again. This appeared in the Control panel so I then clicked "Uninstall" and it went. So I am leaving well alone for a few days to let my computer settle down again

  northumbria61 17:53 27 Aug 12

Thanks for the feedback


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