Uninstalled my cdrw- how do i get it back ?

  grabster 20:37 28 Sep 03

Whooops,dont ask why but ive uninstalled my cdr in device manager,now i cant get it back.
I keep gettin BSOD's and i wish i hadnt touched it now.
Any one care to enlighten me on how to put things back to normal ?

  MAJ 20:43 28 Sep 03

Normally if you re-boot your PC, Windows will pick it up again, grabster.

  grabster 20:47 28 Sep 03

Yep' thats what i thought before i done what i did,2 reboots on now im not too sure.

  graham√ 20:51 28 Sep 03

Turn off the PC and unplug the drive. Boot up then switch off again. Reconnect the drive and boot up.

  Stuartli 21:24 28 Sep 03

CD/DVD-ROM drives and rewriters use the basic Windows driver - it should reinstall itself without prompting after a reboot as suggested.

  Ironman556 22:48 28 Sep 03

Is it detected and listed in device manager but not working, or jut not detected?

  grabster 23:03 28 Sep 03

Thanks for the replys,the drive was not detected at all but after another reboot it popped up again,looks like i need an older version of firmware for my cdrw,mitsumi cr-48xete.
i've trawled the net but found no sign of an older version,my present version is 482w but it has forced my drive to take a-g-e-s to burn a cd,13 minutes for a 60 minute audio cd at 48x is just too long.no matter which speed i choose it takes ages.

  grabster 23:12 28 Sep 03

I've ticked this as resolved and started a new thread under the heading firmware.
Thanks for the replies all.

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