uninstall a programme

  jtaggart73 21:36 PM 30 Jun 13

i am trying to uninstall a programme and it is coming up initilization error, anyone help ??

  Nontek 21:49 PM 30 Jun 13

What OS?

What Program?

How are you trying to uninstall it?

  jtaggart73 22:08 PM 30 Jun 13

windows 8 , programme is WEBCAKE3.00 a price site that the kids must have agreed to, i am going to my computer then selecting add/remove programmes , selecting it clicking uninstall and it pops up instalation error? thanks

  Nontek 22:27 PM 30 Jun 13

Windows 8 - I'm very sorry but I have no knowledge of Win8 workings. You would probably be better closing this thread and then repeating it in the Windows 8 Forum!

Good luck.

  Nontek 22:29 PM 30 Jun 13

Or, you could click on Contact Forum Editor and ask him to transfer this to Win8 Forum.

  jtaggart73 22:42 PM 30 Jun 13

thanks for your effort, Nontek. cheers again


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