Uninstall McAfee security

  Graham* 12 Dec 11

My friend is going to drop off a new laptop for me to prepare for Christmas day (for his 10 year old daughter). First I will try to uninstall McAfee security. I gather I will need to download the uninstaller from McAfee, but I don't expect it will be that simple. Any previous experience, please?

  rawprawn 12 Dec 11

Don't worry it works a treat,just download it ad run it as per instructions here

Don't forget to use add / remove first

  kdt 12 Dec 11

After uninstalling through add/remove programmes it might be advisable to run MCPR.exe McAfee Consumer Products Removal Tool...document ID:TS100507 READ article TS101107 good luck

  Woolwell 12 Dec 11
  rawprawn 12 Dec 11

Woolwell yet again an excellent link.

  Graham* 12 Dec 11

Thanks all, no doubt others will find this useful over Christmas.

It is sad that manufacturers and others should inflict such pernicious and unwanted software on their customers. I look forward to someone saying 'Buy this! No unwanted or trial programs!'

  Belatucadrus 12 Dec 11

It may also be worth running PC Decrapifier

  Graham* 13 Dec 11

Thanks again, McAfee now gone.

Another 'free trial' popped up as soon as I put a disc in the drive - Roxio Creator. That has now bit the dust also.

  rawprawn 14 Dec 11

Glad that you are sorted,the last thing you want on Christmas day is a problem with the shiny new laptop. We once bought my daughter a guitar for Christmas, and my father in law wanted a try. He promptly broke a string DISASTER!


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