Uninstall File Parade Bundle to remove advert links

  dfb70uk 16:59 20 Mar 14

Somehow I have acquired this program. There is a uninstall option but it does not work. Microsoft offered 2 methods to remove it but neither worked. Apart from extra ads popping up,certain words are doubly underlined on websites with links to selling websites for weight reduction etc. I assume this is related to File Parade Bundle and would like to be able to remove this annoyance. Please can anyone help. Regards Dave.

  rdave13 19:33 20 Mar 14

It's part of the SweetPack family. Try the free version of Spybot S&D. Download and update then run a full scan. link. Do not upgrade Spybot as it has an Antivirus scanner on it.

  annluck 13:56 07 Apr 14

That's an unwanted software. If you cannot uninstall file parade from your control panel, then I think you can go to the registry and delete its registry keys. After that, you need to delete its folders on your hard drive. Some information about this nasty file parade click here

  JosephGordon 17:06 29 Apr 14

I was plagued by this evil, for over a month, and through endless searches how to remove i found an article that actually worked and its free, Download malwarebytes. it succefully removed this nasty Entity in my computer, i yelled Yeeesssss finally... i made an account here so i can inform the so many others haunted by fileparade aka Websteroids

  JosephGordon 17:08 29 Apr 14

ps just download the trial and scan then remove... i will def purchase this since it helped me out in this dire need :)

  MarkHarcourt 08:02 26 May 14

That's what I get for downloading Skype at 03:00 on my laptop while on the road without reading glasses! I too opened this account just to post a response and a big THANK YOU for the advice. malwarebytes ROCKS! That SOB had hidden in over 700 threads, and there is no way I could have done it manually.

  charlie_minty 16:52 08 Aug 14

Hi I can't remove FPBundle, can anyone help me? I'm on Windows 7. I installed Avast which removes the add ons to the browser when they appeared but the FPBundle program still appears on the program list. Whenever I start up the computer using my user name the computer logs me on using a temporary user account, and not the normal one. Will installing a proper antivirus then solve the problem, can anyone help? It would be much appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:58 08 Aug 14

Avast is a proper antivirus

Try ADwcleaner to remove potentially unwanted programs

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