Uninstall CounterSpy antispyware program

  armacomroll 17:11 26 May 05

I am trying to uninstall counterspy (antispyware) after the trial period has expired. I have uninstalled by using add/remove in windows but when I reboot the whole desktop freezes,even the start button and I have to turn off manually. I then have to do a system restore to get back to normal. I have tried removing it in safe mode but windows won't allow it. I assume that counterspy is running on start-up which is preventing the removal of the program but I don,t know how to disengage the program. Can anyone help me to remove counterspy.

  Curio 18:28 26 May 05

You can shut down Counterspy by right clicking its Icon in the Notification Bar. Then Go through the uninstall procedure

  anchor 10:00 27 May 05

If that does not work, run msconfig, open startup, and untick the entry SubasDTServ, click apply and reboot.

  anchor 10:06 27 May 05

Sorry, that should have been


  futurhead 11:21 27 May 05

thought id add to this because ive got the same problem, mine did unistall but now the computer locks when i try and open a program, internet exp is the only thing that runs but thats only via start menu not the icon, does as above suggests but no entrys sunasDTserv. any suggestions

  jolorna 13:45 27 May 05

click here & scroll down to bertiecharlie's post and follow that, i had the same problem and this cured it

  armacomroll 16:46 27 May 05

thanks jolorna I have followed your link to bertiecharlie's post and will try that.

  armacomroll 17:32 27 May 05

Thanks everyone I have succeeded in removing CounterSpy. Final solution:- (1) Shutdown Microsoft
Antispyware by right clicking its Icon in the Notification Bar, shutdown CounterSpy by right clicking its Icon in the Notification Bar. (2) Uninstall Microsoft Antispyware and reboot. (3) Uninstall CounterSpy and reboot.

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