uninstall AVG but bits remain

  palinka 16:56 15 Jan 05

Have installed,uninstalled & reinstalled AVG7 several times in trying to solve a problem but this time 7 files refuse to delete; each one produces the same error message "Cannot delete AVGLOG (or whatever): Access is denied" and then "Make sure that the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not currently in use". Well obviously no disk is involved and I'm not using AVG.
Can anyone suggest a way of getting rid of these last bits, please?

  ACOLYTE 17:02 15 Jan 05

Safe mode? as they are only log text probably telling you when/when it was installed/uninstaled
they shouldnt really be that big and you could most probably leave them.Why have you uninstalled was there a problem before?

  palinka 17:30 15 Jan 05

Thanks for that, ACOLYTE. Yes this thread describes the problem that has caused me to delete AVG7; and it's still unresolved. click here

  jimv7 19:11 15 Jan 05

Have you tried the avg forum, for both this and your other post, click here

  palinka 20:12 15 Jan 05

thanks for that jimv7 - I'll try it.

  palinka 20:13 15 Jan 05

meanwhile I seem to have got rid of the bits; don't know how, but they've gone.

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