uninsralling windows me

  stumpy69 19:29 11 Feb 04

I'v just had a computer built and had problems installing windows me. This was onto a new hard drive. The problem started when my 2yr old granddaughter came into the room and started pressing buttons. The problem is I'm having trouble installing software and some of the files on the disks are not going on to the hard drive. On my old computer there was a backup disk that would delete everything on the computer and return it to its origional state,as new. This 1 didnt come with an operating system so I had to buy my own.I've tried to uninstall everything and start again but it wont happened. Is there a way of wiping everything off and starting all over again with an empty hard drive.HELP ME PLEEZE!!!

  leo49 19:41 11 Feb 04

Make or get yourself an ME boot floppy

[ME OEM]from

click here

And then follow this from "Let's begin":

click here

  smegs 19:43 11 Feb 04

click here how this helps.

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