Unidentified Symbol on Internet Pages

  IZZY 20:48 02 Mar 03

Has anyone noticed a small symbol at the bottom of the screen near where the blue bar indicating loading progress of some web pages?

I can't quite describe what it looks like but when you click on it a box opens on screen headed Privacy Report and stating that based on my Privacy Settings some cookies were restricted or blocked.

I have no problem with this but I would be very interested to know where this came from and what programme has "installed" this. Could this be something new from Microsoft? I did install a couple of updates a few days ago and I think it has appeared since then.

Thanks for any comments.


  rct 21:11 02 Mar 03

They are from IE6 privacy controls, each time you see it some cookies have been blocked. Go to Tools>Internet Options and then Privacy to change the settings.

  he he :-) 21:26 02 Mar 03

Is the symbol like an eye with a no entry sign in front of it.

  rct 21:53 02 Mar 03

That's the one!

  IZZY 12:22 03 Mar 03

Thank you, rct, for satisfying my curiosity. Had a feeling it was Microsoft.

he he :-) Yes, just as you describe but rather difficult to make out.

Not an unwelcome addition by MS me thinks!



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