unidentified part

  howard64 04 Jul 11

I have a small HP object with a model no. TSGI-IR01 it has a cable coming from it with a standard usb plug on the end. It has 2 small sockets on it labeled 1 and 2. It is oblong with rounded ends and flat top and bottom. It is 80mm x 50mm. The body is silver and the top is almost see thru black. Does anyone know what this is and what its purpose is. I have entered the model number on the HP site but it is not recognized.

  howard64 04 Jul 11

I have plugged it in and in devices and printers it is shown as an ehome infrared transceiver.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 04 Jul 11

infrared transceiver

allow your machine to connect to other machines or devices via infra red.

in the old days (early 90's) we used to swap files via infra red on our laptops well before the company got a network installed. :0)

  howard64 05 Jul 11

thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\ I must have missed that section in the old days (early 90's) I have had a pc at home since 1975. Well my W7 pc recognizes it so I take it that it works ok but I have no use for it. If anyone has a use for it just let me know and you can have it.

  howard64 06 Jul 11

thanks Lazarus The 2nd but there is no remote with it. This part was in a box of old pc parts and cables that was given to me by a friend of someone clearing a house of stuff that was about to be dumped.


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