'Unformatted' HDD

  johnstott 17:47 27 Sep 06

I use the term 'unformattted' to describe the problem. Just to explain, a while back I scuppered the registry on the C drive of my HDD (it is partitioned into 4) while updating some drivers. After several attempted recoveries, I had to reinstall the Windows files on the C drive. However the D, E&F were all OK and untouched. Everything was OK. Then one day the D, E & F drives all required formatting (when clicked on them in explorer it says 'do you want to format it'). Checking my AVG schedule, the previous day it had done its usual and checked everything was OK virus wise including the D, E & F drives. The following day no access.

The question is its easy to format a drive but I haven't a clue how to convert it back so it was a RAW HDD on the said partitions. I did have back ups of everything so it is no big deal. What I was curious at is how did it happen?

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