Unexplained full hard drive

  Scarlet 16:26 14 Jan 04

My pc has a 13 GB capacity,for my use this has been enough but now I find my HD is full and I have had to remove programs to let it continue to work.The strange thing is the size of my Windows file which is 10.6 GB with 699 folders and 30819 files,this according to properties on the Windows file.When I open the Windows file it has 72 folders and about 500 files.Where are the other folders and files which take up almost all of my HD.
Help!! please

  Indigo 1 16:37 14 Jan 04

Have a look in your "Temp" folder.

You don't indicate which O/S you have.

  Scarlet 17:14 14 Jan 04

Windows ME,the temp
folders are empty but thanks

  Jester2K 17:21 14 Jan 04

Have you un-hid the hidden files???

  Scarlet 15:13 15 Jan 04

Thanks but you have to be more specific

  MidgetMan 15:32 15 Jan 04

Just a suggestion, do you have restore enabled?, if so, do you need it? if it is enabled try disabling then reboot this will free up all the space the restore files are using (on mine it was over 5gb) you can also limit the amount of hard-drive that it will use.

If you need to know how to do post back


if you do disable it you will lose the restore points you have!!!

  smegs 18:02 15 Jan 04

Scarlet, what Jester2K is saying is, open Windows explorer, click on Local Disk C:\, goto Tools, Folder Options, goto View, then go down to Hidden Files and Folders, make sure there is a GREEN Dot in the SHOW HIDDEN FILES and FOLDERS.

  Jester2K 19:36 15 Jan 04

smegs - cheers. Thats exactly what i meant...

  smegs 01:18 16 Jan 04

Jester2K, anytime.

  Scarlet 06:27 16 Jan 04

thanks for the explanation,I have checked and there is a dot next to show hidden files and folder.Smegs sorry for being slow but its driving me mad.

  Scarlet 06:28 16 Jan 04

Thanks for the suggestion,i will hold it in reserve for now but it may come to be necessary

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