unexplainable music through speakers

Can anyone explain why out of the blue music started playing through my speakers, I must add it was nothing to do with me, my speakers are on and from nowhere this music started playing briefly, it gave me such a fright. SPOOKY!!!! OH by the way I was reading a furum on another site when this happened.

  BBez 23:55 15 Aug 03

i've got my pc sound card out jack connected to the aux in on my amplifier. When i power down the pc with the amp still switched on this also happens for around 30 seconds. I have a big radio mast near my house. put it down to that...

  User-312386 00:01 16 Aug 03

could it be that the site that you were viewing had some embedded music in the page?

  whybe 00:13 16 Aug 03

I'd go with BBez, I used to have an amp that acted as a radio receiver for the local bus drvers when they radioed in outside my house. Sounds a bit similar.

  JIM 00:26 16 Aug 03

Reminds me of my old lady sitting playing solitaire on the old pc.I was busy upstairs on puter when she shouted there are voices coming from the back of the computer.(very stressed )

I rushed down the stairs,fair enough a lot of talking was going on between a number of people via the pc speakers. I soon dicovered it was the local Constabulary about 300yds away going about there work.

What was annoying was they did not believe me when
i approached.There Radio systems are designed for that not to happen.I said do you want the tape!!

I should have directed them to ConsumerWatch.

Thanx for replies seems there's nothing for me to get SPOOKED about,it had never happened before and I couldn't explain it, so, next time I won't get the jitters.

  Stuartli 13:24 16 Aug 03

It can also happen if you have two or three audio playback systems such as WMP and SoundBlaster Live! Experience; the sound from one is heard slightly after the other...

Answer is to shut one down or disable it.

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