Winxx 07:18 08 Sep 06

I find this Unexplainable.

Heres a Pic of my connections:

When my wireless connection is enabled, i lose my Local area connection 7 broadband internet, even though it sais connected.

So i have to disable my wireless connection to be able to use my PC's internet. Why? there both connected, why do i get "page cannot be displayed"

  Winxx 07:18 08 Sep 06

Missed The Pic

click here

  STREETWORK 07:23 08 Sep 06

Post this in Networking...

  Winxx 16:46 08 Sep 06

i have, no replies

  ade.h 23:33 09 Sep 06

Patience is a virtue.

  STREETWORK 07:24 10 Sep 06

Could you post a clearer symptom...

Looks like you may need to delete the LAC 7 and make a new one...

Post back here...

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