An unexpected required plz

  skell 19:20 28 Oct 03


came home from work today, switched on my computer and found that my screen resolution had changed. So i reset and had a check on other applications. All seems fine but i noticed in device manager, under disk drives, i now have an extra disk installed. My normal GENERIC NEC floppy is present as i would expect but there is also an IBM -DPTA-372050 showning as being installed.
Can anyone tell me why this has happend, would it be a virus of some sort? Would it be ok to delete or should i just leave well alone?

  madPentium 20:01 28 Oct 03

This is a well known disk drive (hard drive) made by ibm. I wouldnt remove it from device manager. Are any other hard drives listed?

  wee eddie 21:29 28 Oct 03

Run Belarc Adviser from your PCA Disk.

That should clear up the situation.

Maybe the Tooth Fairy visited while you were away!

  skell 16:49 29 Oct 03

There are no other hard drives listed,

When i run the Belarc from the PCA Disk what should i be looking for?

As my machine is running ok at the moment I guess il just leave things as they are.

thanks for your the help anyways.

  wee eddie 17:31 29 Oct 03

It will tell you all about your PC.

  skell 17:41 29 Oct 03

Many thanks....

  Jester2K II 17:43 29 Oct 03

Possibly a stupid question - because it hasn't been clarified above but isn't the IBM -DPTA-372050 your hard drive then??

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