unencrypted connection

  loser7 21:03 05 Dec 08

I recently had some trouble with my internet connection after updating win vista. and as a result i reset my adsl modem/router and created a new wireless connection for my laptop. I use wpa2 security and have checked that my connection is secure, but when i try to access sites or even open this thread, i get a 'security message' telling me that, information is going to be sent over an unencrypted connection and could easily be read by a third party.
I could uncheck the box and get rid of these warnings but i do not fully understand what they mean.
I use the internet to do my banking and also buy a lot online so am wary of this message.
Any advise would be appreciated.

  brundle 21:21 05 Dec 08

You're mixing up your terminology. The connection between your PC and your router, via the wireless medium is encrypted - that's your Local Area Connection. The communication from your PC, via the router, after it has been received and decrypted is sent `in the clear` to the internet.That's the Wide Area Connection. It's a standard warning you'll see with a fresh installation of Windows or when you reset browser settings or install a new browser. As long as you see the padlock on secure https sites your communications are safe.

  loser7 19:52 06 Dec 08

Thanks brundle, i have just read your reply and feel reassured that there is little or no risk.
I use a new version of mozilla firefox and the padlock does not appear when i open a secure site but if i click the icon to the left of the search bar it will give me details about the site and security.
Thanks again for clearing that up for me.

  tullie 20:12 06 Dec 08

Your padlock should be appearing and address of site should be https

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