undock computer - but it isnt docked!

  je-haz 04:01 25 Jul 08


I have just bought a new laptop - a fujitsu semens u9200 (vista home premium)

the start menu has an icon called undock computer on it (just above the shutdown icon) but it isnt docked!!!

if i click it, a system tray balloon appears saying it has been undocked, but the icon is still there and i can repeat the process.

Does anyone know what ths might be?

I've got nothing at all plugged into the laptop.


  birdface 08:51 25 Jul 08

Googled.click here= some think to look at until someone can help.

  je-haz 08:55 25 Jul 08

thanks, but all the computers i read about are actually docked.

mine is not!!!


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