underwater screensaver

  jbaker65 11:44 08 Mar 06

I recently upgraded from Win 98se to Win XP Pro.
When I went to set my screensaver to 'underwater' I was surprised to find it does not exist. Could anyone still using Win98se please copy 'underwater.scr' and send it to me via eMail as I really like using this screensaver. Thanks in advance.

  jbaker65 12:44 08 Mar 06


  vinnyT 12:50 08 Mar 06

Just looked on google, you can download a free screensaver from aquatica click here with waterworlds, fish etc.

The google page, which list many more waterbased screensavers is at click here

Hope this helps.

  jbaker65 13:01 08 Mar 06

Thanks Vinny. I've seen that one and it carries a certain amount of undesirables with it. The Microsoft one is simple and only needs to be put into the system32 file. Thanks anyway.

  surfmonkey #:@} 13:08 08 Mar 06

just had a look cannot find it on a win 98se disc

  jbaker65 13:18 08 Mar 06

surfmonkey, You're right if you search the win98 disc (which I still have) nothing comes up but if you are running win98se and do a search for underwater.scr then it can be found and copied. Strange isn't it?

  surfmonkey #:@} 13:21 08 Mar 06

no on xp sorry just thought it may be on the win98se disc i have

  ACOLYTE 13:38 08 Mar 06

Not underwater but i have the windows xp screensaver from click here and its very nice,well i like it lol.

  surfmonkey #:@} 13:43 08 Mar 06

jbaker65 found it its on you windows 98se disc in the saech bos just type .scr its listed as underw sqigally line 1. dont know how to do the squigally line thingy

  ade.h 13:51 08 Mar 06

~ is Shift + #.

  surfmonkey #:@} 14:05 08 Mar 06

ah ha didnt see it there thank so the file would be underw~1

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