Understanding 'Profile' Settings on router?

  spuds 10:31 AM 28 May 11

I have asked a similar question sometime ago, but I am getting rather confused due to present day events, and I would appreciate some lay-mens language on the matter.

Due to various problems of speeds and service issues, it as now come to the point that my line is showing 6Mb from exchange as a broadband service, which I regard is fairly good. The readings that I have obtained using various speed methods, can range from 1.25Mb to 6.5Mb, but usually averaging at 3.00/4.00Mb as end of test results.

The ISP sent their own engineer, who found the router profiles 'all wrong', and this as resulted in constant monitoring and profile changes, while the ISP technical people 'work on it'?.

I would like to be in more control as to what is happening, because I am now finding it all a mystery, as to the 6Mb to the router, then the drop-off on the speed-tests?.

Any help would be appreciated, and apologies to those that tried to help in the past.


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