Uncopyable Webpages?

  dublincity 16:13 08 Apr 05

I've come across websites before where high quality photographs (for sale) can't be copied.

What's the technology?

I've just come across a site with a page of data that I need. My cursor arrow flashes in red & white, nothing happens when I right-click and nothing on the page can be highlighted. But I've printed out the page.

--------- haven't yet tried to e.mail it to myself

Does anybody know how the page might be copied?

  Jak_1 16:20 08 Apr 05

Copyright protected and not clickable. Though try looking in internet temp files.

  dublincity 16:30 08 Apr 05

Thanks. I went through the motions of e.mailing the page to myself. It was despatched but didn't arrive.

Next, I repeated the procedure but kept the unsent message. I have copied that successfully so - mission accomplished!

  woodchip 16:40 08 Apr 05

CopyRight © You can press Print Screen then past into a photo edit program but the quality will not be very good

  dublincity 17:27 08 Apr 05

D'you mean the Print Preview? I can't copy that.

  woodchip 18:39 08 Apr 05

No the Print Screen key will copy the desktop, you can then paste it into a photo edit program to crop it etc

  dublincity 18:52 08 Apr 05

Thanks - never heard of the Print Screen key. Where is it?

  Mikè 19:00 08 Apr 05

To the right of F12

  dublincity 19:15 08 Apr 05

Ah - I see the key. Cheers.

Save As? That usually works - I'll go back to the copyrighted site which is awkward and try it ....

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