Uncontrollled boot-up

can anyone please help!
just built up a brand new system and whenever i turn the power back on (after a power down) the system boots up without having to press the power switch, checked bios to make sure the power is not set to come back on after a power outage and that is set to soft-off the board is a Giga-Byte GA 7vaxp-a with a Athlon XP 2800+ Barton Core CPU with 1.5GB Crucial pc3200 Matched RAM, 80GB Maxtor HDD,120GB Maxtor HDD, Gforce FX5200 AGP Card, NEC usb 2.0 Card, IEEE1394 Card, Realtek NIC, DVD RW Drive And CDRW Drive, Also Disconnected all front panel cables from the board but this does not solve the problem

  woodchip 23:47 01 Jan 04

Is the Start button jammed in

  DieSse 00:05 02 Jan 04

Look in the BIOS settings for Power Management, and disable the Wake on LAN and Wake on Modem settings (and other Wake on settings, if set).

I believe the power coming back on may sometimes give enough of a spike in some devices to fool the device into giving the wake up command.

checked both the wol and wor settings in bios and are both disabled

if start button was jammed in would it not be illiminated by disconnecting the front panel swithes

  DieSse 00:17 02 Jan 04

"if start button was jammed in would it not be illiminated by disconnecting the front panel swithes"

Yes, of course.

  DieSse 00:19 02 Jan 04

Take out the NIC and USB card and see if either make a difference.

  DieSse 00:23 02 Jan 04

You haven't tried to isolate the motherboard from the chassis electrically, have you - by using insulating spacers?

I've seen systems that sometimes do this, but never one that always does it. Is it when you play the mains cable in to the power supply - or literally when you switch the mains switch - does it change if you do it the other way?

I've put it down to a general spike caused by the plugging in, that just generates a spurious "WakeUp" signal - hence the suggestions to try and change the conditions, or devices that may generate wakup signals.

  DieSse 00:33 02 Jan 04

play should = plug - sorry!

removed both the NIC and USB cards but still comes on when power back at the mains

got a surge and spike surpressor on the mains side surely this would eliminate this chance

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