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  Crystal010301 22:59 14 Sep 11

Hi PC Advisor, I have been volunteering to write a website for my childrens dance school for some time now. Now a web developer tauting for business has contacted the dance school principle saying he can do better. No problem with people selling their wares but his site comes up listed on google and is incomplete. Hence the dance school principle is concerned that an unprofessional looking website is available via google supposedly representing her business. Apart from asking nicely, is there anything we can do to get it taken down? Thanks very much

  Colonel Graham 23:16 14 Sep 11

I don't think it would do any harm to post a link to the unauthorised website.

  Forum Editor 23:35 14 Sep 11

As you say, there's nothing wrong with a web designer touting for business - I've done so myself, on many occasions.

You can stop someone from publishing false statements about your business, if that is what this person is doing, but you are not going to have much luck if you simply want to stop a site that is designed as a sample of what a designer can do.

My suggestion would be to get an authorised site online as rapidly as possible, and send this person a link to it. He is unlikely to pursue the matter, once he sees there's no point.

Apart from asking nicely, is there anything we can do to get it taken down?

No, there isn't, unless there are defamatory statements or the business is being misrepresented in some way. If that was the case, a solicitor's 'cease and desist' letter would be the first course of action.

  Crystal010301 09:36 16 Sep 11

Thank you both. No there is nothing to harm the business on the website except poor design and incompleteness looking unprofessional. All the info is accurate as its ripped off the original so he knows there is already one there. He says he can do better. Of course he can. He's a pro and Im a uni teacher and Mum helping out in my spare time, but he wont do it for free, and he wont do it in such a way that the dance teachers can update it themselves. Meanwhile hes made it look as though the secondary branch is the main one, and that Andrea is in the habit of issuing incomplete information and is wholey unprofessional. Joy! Thanks again

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