Unable to Uninstall Internet Explorer9

  User-64C10394-F981-4870-BC37F8B7B7ACAE62 09:35 AM 13 Apr 11

Trying to uninstall I/E9, (the Microsoft way) ie. "Installed Updates" --- scroll down to I/E9 --- R/Click --- Uninstall.

Each time I get message "An error occurred not all updates were uninstalled" I would be greatful if any one could help.

Operating System Windows7 32bit

  birdface 09:41 AM 13 Apr 11

Add Remove. Turn Windows features on and off.If IE9 is in there untick the box and follow instructions. That should remove it. If not you may have to download it again then follow the above instructions for removal.

Hi buteman, Thanks for your reply, sorry for delay, i have had to access

another computer, your advice worked & removed I/E9 but it seems to have

also removed I/E8 as well & now I am unable access the internet at all.

When I click on anything requiring the internet a message comes up

  "Program not found"  and the word "Internet Explorer" does not

appear any where on computer. Hope you have an idea.

                                      Many Thanks
  birdface 12:00 PM 13 Apr 11

I take it your computer still opens without internet explorer does your e-mail still work or windows messenger. maybe download Firefox on to a disc and run it on your computer. Or a system restore to a time when it was working ok.

Hi buteman, Back on track, system restore corrected the problem.

       Many thanks.


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