Unable to sign in to gmail

  ponytail 30 Nov 13

My wife is having trouble signing into her gmail account.She can sign in on her Apple IPAD.but when she tries to sign in on her laptop it says incorrect password so I tried to sign in on my laptop and again it said incorrect password.How can it be correct on both laptops and not the IPAD it is the same account sme email address

  rdave13 30 Nov 13

Type the password in if it's auto logging in.

  ponytail 30 Nov 13

We have both typed it in it is not in auto

  rdave13 30 Nov 13

I wish the Apple had never been invented. No problems in the garden and no problems for me this Christmass twice over ...:(

  Woolwell 30 Nov 13

On the iPad and on the laptops are you using the browser (Safari on the iPad, possible IE on the laptop) or an email client (mail app on the iPad)? Are you missing a capital letter?

The passwords cannot be different. It would appear to be correct on the iPad and incorrect when you manually type it in.

  Woolwell 30 Nov 13

rdave13 - You will not have any snags. The iPad is very easy to set up.

  rdave13 30 Nov 13

Woolwell, not usually religeous but thank God for that. ponytail's problems seems to make Apple's iPads worse than Nintendo's 3D DS XL's attempt of connecting to WiFi.

They were a doddle too but I had to use Google :(


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