Unable to see wifi network on laptop but can on other computers

  SimonBWFC 14 Nov 12

We recently had our super hub changed by Virgin and up until then we had several devices which connected to the network. For some reason my wife's laptop is not able to see our wireless network but can see all our neighbours! All other devices see the network and connect with no issue.

What should I be checking?


  Nontek 14 Nov 12

Make sure wifi is enabled on laptop, some have a small (almost invisible) switch on one of the edges - others use a combination of Ctrl and F key, like Ctrl/F4 for instance.

  Nontek 14 Nov 12

PS - some laptops have a 'Touch' on/off wifi switch on the above the keyboard, usually with a LED indicator.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14 Nov 12

first re-enter the hubs passkey in the laptop see here

Older laptop?

Hub using n frequency

but laptop can only see b/g frequencies make sure hub is broadcasting on g and n

  Woolwell 14 Nov 12

If the laptop can see the neighbours then the wifi is probably on. However is the laptop a few years old and is it n standard capable? It is possible that the superhub is broadcasting n only.

  SimonBWFC 15 Nov 12

Thanks for the replies.

I think it is likely that the laptop can't see the n frequency.

When the super hub was changed the engineer changed the channel number from 6 to 13. Do some of the channels broadcast different frequencies? I only say this because at one point the laptop in question was working with the super hub.

Thanks again


  onthelimit1 15 Nov 12

When I encounter this problem, I buy a cheap n capable dongle such as this.

  SimonBWFC 15 Nov 12

My God that's a small dongle! I'll probably buy that.

As for not having the channel select on auto, it was the Virgin technicians that said it would be a faster connection if connected to a set channel.

I'm still interested to hear if different channels operate different frequencies. I can't check with the laptop as the wife has taken it to work.



  onthelimit1 15 Nov 12

Small it may be, but works a treat!

  SimonBWFC 16 Nov 12

No need for the dongle, changing the channel number (13 -> 6) in the super hub did the job.




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