Unable to see video playback on Cyclone Primus 2tb Hard drive

  yusuf_03 06 Jun 11

Hi, When i copy recoded files from my camcorder (Sony HD HDR-XR155) to my Hard drive (Cyclone Primus 2tb) then watch them through my TV via HDMI output, I can only hear the audio but no picture of the actuall recording.The recording file is 'MTS', taking in mind that the hard drive does play 'mts' files. Is there a solution for this. Thanks.

  woodchip 06 Jun 11

You need to convert them, don't think you will have a Program that can play that format on your PC


  yusuf_03 06 Jun 11

Thanks for the reply, do you know any programme that I can use to convert them, then play them through my TV. Thanks

  yusuf_03 06 Jun 11

Sorry i've just seen the link in your comment, thanks for your help, much appreciated.

  woodchip 06 Jun 11

not used it but it should be okay looking at the site

  yusuf_03 06 Jun 11

It seems to only convert 1 file at a time, as i have many files, do you know any other site that does them all at once, I have looked but cant seem to find anything. Thanks

  woodchip 06 Jun 11

This google Page is where I found it,


  yusuf_03 06 Jun 11

Reason being I thought the playback would work is becase my hard drive does support 'mts' playback, its unusual that its not working though, what the reason for this?

  woodchip 06 Jun 11

Hard Drives do not Play back, they only store data. Its Programs that play back


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