unable to see start menu/ programmes

  poshman31 14:43 29 Nov 09

hi helpers again, I managed to log on to pc again after an earlier problem, anyway i can get on the internet but i cant access the start menu/ control panel etc also all the prgrammes.
ive done the basic right click / properties in takbar but to no avail hope you can help thanks P M

  Sea Urchin 14:47 29 Nov 09

Which operating system are you using?

Do you have no Start button/orb showing?

When you right-click on the Taskbar and select Properties what happens? Does a window open?

  VoG II 15:05 29 Nov 09
  poshman31 15:05 29 Nov 09

thans fo prompt reply.. ok its microsoft windows XP home edition ves 2002 service pack 3

yeh a window shows with task bar and few things ticked and clock and in start menu its got a tick ( clasic menu un ticked ) cheers P M

  Graphicool1 15:19 29 Nov 09

What is on the pop-up menu when you 'Right' click the start button? (Bottom, left hand corner of the desktop, on the task bar)

  poshman31 15:36 29 Nov 09

taskbar and start menu properties the last 3 are ticked as well as the show clock

  poshman31 15:45 29 Nov 09

ive just discovered when i clicked on task manager and log off to another user, the other user has the menu and programmes but not me ???

  Sea Urchin 15:48 29 Nov 09

But do you have a Start button - bottom left???

  poshman31 15:54 29 Nov 09

panic over guys just re booted and alls well Thanks

  Graphicool1 17:23 29 Nov 09

Next time you have a problem it might be a good idea to open your thread in the...
'Absolute Beginners' Forum.
In the 'Helproom' we assume that you have, at least a basic understanding of your PC. :¬)

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