Unable to see second drive.

  AubreyS 11:19 31 Dec 03

Hi all.

I have installed a second drive as a slave in a friend's PC but th PC is unable to see it. I have tried a different drive but I still have the same problem. Any idea's?
The PC is running M.E.

  BBez 11:24 31 Dec 03

check that the IDE channels are set to "auto-detect" in the PC BIOS settings...

  AubreyS 11:25 31 Dec 03

Hi BBez.
The PC is an unbranded model and I'm unsure how to get into the BIOS.

  BBez 11:31 31 Dec 03

try pressing "delete" key when booting, or, F1, F2 key. Usually the PC will display on first screen on monitor the CPU and memory details then something like "press delete to enter setup"

  AubreyS 11:36 31 Dec 03

Ok. I'm not with the PC at the moment. I will try your suggestion. Thanks and a happy new year to you BBez.

  BBez 11:38 31 Dec 03

Have a good one...

  TBH1 11:38 31 Dec 03

also, not sure with ME, but with w98se, you need to fdisk it, if its a new drive, and format it though believe you can do this last bit once windows has started. When fdisking, be careful, very very careful, that you select the correct drive !!! When you run fdisk, there will be an option to change to correct drive.

  AubreyS 11:40 31 Dec 03


Yes I've already fdisk'd it on another PC but when I put it into my friend's PC we couldn't see it.

  BBez 12:18 31 Dec 03

Have you set the jumper on the drive to slave? click here and scroll down to the "adding a second disk" section...

  jim1947 12:19 31 Dec 03

Sometimes this works. go to start/run/ typr "sysedit" without the qoutes. Make the config.sys window active and check for a line that says LASTDRIVE=Z if its not there add it, save the file and reboot.

  TBH1 12:28 31 Dec 03

try fdisking anyway - - just to see if DOS sees the drive. You need to ascertain which bit of your system is, or is not, seeing this drive ie BIOS, DOS and windows. It does seem to me that either cabling or jumper setting is incorrect. Again, although you will be only using fdisk to 'look' at your drives, I cannot stress enought the importance of being carefull. If, when running fdisk, it does give you the option to change drive, I think you can rule out the cabling bit of possible cause. Good luck

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