Unable to Run .exe files

  aidanone 12:01 10 Nov 04

My Computer which has W98 is unable to run any .exe files. When i try to run a program an error message appears stating that another programme is running and that a restart is required. However, after a restart i try to run the programme again and the same error appears.

Does anyone know why this is happening and if so what can i do to solve the problem?

The computer is connected to the internet so it may well be spyware, but i am not sure.

Any help / advise would be appreciated.

  Diodorus Siculus 13:13 10 Nov 04

click here for an online virus scan or ensure that your AV program is up to date and do a scan.

  aidanone 18:40 11 Nov 04

I have removed the computer from the internet incase of a virus or spyware. Is there any program that i could download onto another computer and then save onto my computer and then run while in Safe Mode?

  VoG II 18:45 11 Nov 04

Stinger click here

Download on a floppy. Write protect the floppy using the little tab, put it in your PC and run it.

  aidanone 11:26 12 Nov 04

I have run Stinger on the Computer and all files appear clean.

It may be spyware, does anyone know of a programme that i could load onto a floppy disk to run on the computer?

  Wak 11:43 13 Nov 04

I assume you have a firewall, anti virus and anti-spyware programs already installed?????
If you have I wouldn't think it mattered about disconnecting from the internet before trying to solve your problems.
If you haven't then I strongly suggest you read these forum postings and get them installed.
What .exe program are you trying to run as a matter of interest??

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