Unable to reinstall CS5.

  m800afc 20 May 12

I am trying to reinstall Photoshop CS5.1, but when on entering the serial number I get the following dialog.

"The serial number is valid, but a qualifying product cannot be found on this computer."

I have managed to reach "Adobe Live Support Chat", but was told that:

"Adobe no longer supported CS5 in any way whatsoever, and advised me to purchase CS6"

Naturally I was very annoyed at this lack of help. I asked if there was a download site for me to download a new file, and was told that:

"Adobe no longer supported CS5 in any way whatsoever, and advised me to purchase CS6"

From this I concluded that a script was being adhered to at all costs. I bought my copy this January and stored the download on an external drive, I am using the very same file that I originally used on the day of purchase. I know fine well that there is a qualifying version on the computer because clearly I have the file. The method of purchase, following advice from Adobe was to download an extended trial an then register it with the purchased key. No disc or manual was supplied. I have tried downloading from reputable third parties, CNET, Softpedia etc, but all CS5 links are redirected to the Adobe CS6 website. The CS5 site has been taken down. Due to the purchase being legitimate, I would prefer not to download from any dubious torrent sites.

All help will be greatly appreciated, as the volume of photos that I wish to process is increasing daily.

Cheers all.

  lotvic 21 May 12

Did you... "If you’re uninstalling Adobe software from a computer, then deactivate it first to ensure its license is freed up."

Found these: ClickHere

Here and also Here

  m800afc 21 May 12

Thanks for the link. I am trying to reinstall after a system crash which led to a clean install of W7. I did not have the opportunity to deactivate CS5. I wish to install onto the original machine which has not been modded in any way. CS5 has not been installed on any other machine. I cannot find a legal download of CS5 as Adobe no longer support it, ideally what I really is a CS5 disk.


  Lazarus The 2nd 21 May 12

"The serial number is valid, but a qualifying product cannot be found on this computer."

Reading the above, To me suggests that you have a Serial Number for an Upgrade Version, and a qualifying version (ie CS4) can't be found on your hard drive, hence the Bit above in Bold.

Found this,

(FTP) Index of /pub/adobe/photoshop/win/cs5/ Click here

  john bunyan 21 May 12

I think a telephone call to Adobe UK would sort it out. have your serial Number(s) ready. About a year ago I had a similar situation and they sorted it out on the phone.I did not know that the non beta version on CS6 was out.

  hssutton 21 May 12

As Lazarus suggests are you trying to install an upgrade, if so you would need a the serial number from a qualifying version. I believe you can go back three vesions for a 'qualifying' version.

Just a small point did you register CS5 and any previous version with Adobe? if so you can get the serial numbers by logging on to your PS account.

It would appear that you can still download CS5 CS5 download

John have been running CS6 beta since it's release, really is excellent, but not worth the £190 upgrade charge, especially when you compare the cost in the State's at £126 ($199)

  john bunyan 21 May 12


Thanks for the steer. Do you know if they have solved the problem of Twain drivers causing the File/ Automate / Batch command to cause a crash? I use the 32 bit version of CS5 to scan images via twain, then use the command in the 64 bit version. I like Twain for scanning.I will wait a bit until the full release of CS6, and see if this is solved.

  hssutton 21 May 12

John you can scan direct into CS6 using WIA or alternatively you can scan from Bridge using the Canon software, save to desktop and then open in CS6, but of course you can do this in CS5

  m800afc 21 May 12


Thanks very much for the advice and link. I downloaded AdobeContributeCS5-AkamaiDLM.exe which is what the link points to. On being asked to provide a key I was informed that the key was not valid for that program. It is worth pointing out that the CS5 that I purchased was not an upgrade. After paying the fee I was advised, in an email from Adobe, to download the CS5 trial, and insert the key. I did not have a previous Photoshop on the computer. I am still unable to get a valid download of CS5. Thanks again.

  Lazarus The 2nd 21 May 12

Photoshop CS5.1 Click here

  hssutton 21 May 12

before installing the trial software you need to register with Adobe. When you register you will be able to also register your serial number, assuming it's legit.


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