Toria 18:04 26 Nov 06

I seem to be unable to receive e-mails, I have tried the following, but it doesn't worked. My son is receiving his we both use the same computer on XP Laptop. He his receiving his but I am not receiving mine. Can anyone help please?

Test Account Settings
Establish network connection: Unable to connect to the Internet or to the network. Please verify the connection settings. To access the connection settings close this dialog, click more Settings, then click on the Connections tab.

  Technotiger 18:33 26 Nov 06

Hi, have a look through these - I hope this helps.

click here

  anskyber 18:42 26 Nov 06

If you son is OK it might be worth setting up your account from afresh.

  Kate B 18:43 26 Nov 06

Are you both with the same email provider?

  Toria 18:49 26 Nov 06

Hi Kate, both my son and I are with the same email provider. It is only when when we went on to Broadband that if I log on my side, I receive [did] my e-mails and his and if he logs on his side then he receives his e-mails and mine. I have XP on my laptop, do you know how I can prevent this from happening?

  skidzy 18:50 26 Nov 06

Also check within OE and tools

Open OE/Tools/Accounts/Mail/Properties/Servers

Incoming mail (pop3) pop.server.co.uk <maybe .com>

Outgoing Mail (smtp) smtp.server.co.uk <maybe .com>

Also check your account name and password,if broadband your account name will be everything after the @ sign.

f you notice the address the incoming mail pop3 setting this maybe a firewall or antispam issue within your security.

  VoG II 18:51 26 Nov 06

Ah, so he is getting all the e-mails (his and yours).

Which e-mail program are you using?

  Stuartli 19:01 26 Nov 06

Setting up multiple identities is described in Outlook Express's Help Files and, in fact, virtually anything you need or want to know about OE.

  Toria 19:17 26 Nov 06

In response to VoG we are on orange broadband. In response to skidzy I have checked and everything is correct including the password, there was just one alteration which I corrected, did the Test Account and still did not work. Logged off my account Logged on to son's and did Test Account and Hey Presto his worked - very odd! I even tried turning off my protection on the e-mail and no joy but I haven't disenable my firewall perhaps I should try that, but I can't keep that off indefinitely.

  VoG II 19:20 26 Nov 06

Are you using, Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Incredimail etc?

  skidzy 19:25 26 Nov 06

Are you actually saying you have no internet access at all when you log onto your account within windows,is your account set as Guest or adminastrator.

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