Unable to play video files in Windows Media Player

  Max Star 19:41 16 Jan 07


I cannot play any video files from websites with video files embedded into them since I downloaded the latest WMP 11. However, video files will play OK normally in Windows Media Player.

Does anyone have any ideas? Please can someone help?


  Technotiger 21:50 16 Jan 07

Hi, you probably need to update ...

click here

  Max Star 00:23 17 Jan 07

Thanks Technotiger but unfortunately that did not work.

  Technotiger 07:52 17 Jan 07

Hmmm, I did have exactly the same problem, which in my case was caused by the update from IE6 to IE7. I reverted to IE6, since when, I have had no more problems. I tried IE7 several times, but had the same result each time - so am now sticking with IE6.

  Max Star 10:01 17 Jan 07

I try not to use IE at all. I prefer to use Firefox. It might be worth just going back to Windows Media Player 10. I've seen a few threads on how to do this and I don't think the latest version is that great anyway.

  bluto1 21:24 17 Jan 07

I had the same problem a few nights ago and got this courtesy of `buteman`. It worked click here it`s called AVS DVD Player.

  ArrGee 23:42 17 Jan 07

Try this:
click here

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