unable to open picasa

  podlod 03 Jan 12

Hi, I have thousands of photos in > My Pictures My Pictures < I would like to say Happy new year to everybody that has helped me in the past, especially Glenn, ( double N )

  podlod 03 Jan 12

Hi, for some reason all my message did not get across, bizarre! I am unable to open my Picasa 3 no matter what I try. If I delete the software in question and re-instal, will I have to import all my photos again from > My Pictures> ?

  KRONOS the First 03 Jan 12

The pictures will be reacquired automatically if you should decide to reinstall Picasa.

  iscanut2 03 Jan 12

As Chronus says, it will re acquire them automatically, but be patient as if you have a lot of photos, it will take a little while. It's not instant !

  podlod 04 Jan 12

Hi, I will re-install as you say it is OK, thanks for all your help.

  podlod 04 Jan 12

  podlod 05 Jan 12

Hi again, I re-installed Picasa, downloaded ok, its all in my program file, but again when I went to open, it just refuses? any ideas!

  alB 05 Jan 12

podlod this article from picasa forum might help you ...alB

  KRONOS the First 05 Jan 12

What do you mean by * I re-installed Picasa, downloaded ok.* You would obviously have downloaded Picasa to have reinstall it? Do you mean the program reacquired your photo's OK? but then would not open. Following aIB's advice seems to be an excellent suggestion.

  podlod 05 Jan 12

Hi, Sorry yes I re-installed, and I have already to ALB advice being step 3 but it still does not work. Tried> Control alt delete/ task manager/ processes/ but there is no Picasa there?

  KRONOS the First 05 Jan 12

What exactly happens when you double click Picasa? Do you get an error message? If so what is the message? What OS are you using? What do you use Picasa for as there are plenty of alternatives? Is there some particular feature that you use in Picasa that you cannot find elsewhere?


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