Unable to open Hotmail inbox

  tennis ace 18:20 07 Mar 05

For several years I have been using Hotmail with no problems. Over the last few months have things changed? I use Windows 2000 / explorer / Messenger/ in the past I just clicked on the desktop icon put in password etc and away I went easy as that. Now I can go in via netscape or outlook only why ? I have a firewall from Zone Alarm the FOC one only. Can anyone help.

  Chezdez 18:58 07 Mar 05

when you say that you can't access it, why not? do you get any error messages of any description?

have you made any major system changes recently?

  tennis ace 19:11 07 Mar 05

If I put in my email address and my password I get a blank screen. If I try and go in via netscape I get my inbox open without any problem, just seem`s strange to me.

  Chezdez 19:39 07 Mar 05

have you downloaded all availiable windows updates?

  Rtus 22:47 07 Mar 05

hotmail have stopped access from outlook & outlook express .exceptions are given for very old account holders .. I couldnt access my account at all untill I reconfirmed my identity to hotmail.Go direct to the hotmail account .confirm your login etc then re apply in your email acconts setup .you should then be able to down load all your messages..

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