unable to move a file

  dfghjkl 23:05 25 Jan 04

hello,i have just installed a camera and software to my pc.it did not give me the choice of where to install the software to,it put it in c,program files,i want to move this to another partition,when i try to do this with xp under"moving a file" it wont let me,i choose where i want it to go (f,my camera)and it says it cant as it is in use,i have turned off system restore and norton to the drives but it wont have it.any clues?thanks,peter.

  Lozzy 23:07 25 Jan 04

Drivers need to be on C drive..

However you can move the software but you need to be the administrator..

  woodchip 23:14 25 Jan 04

You cannot move a program once loaded unless you use the correct software to do the job as the program will not work. It's more than just dragging files or folders the entry's for the program are written to the registry when it’s installed

  DieSse 23:15 25 Jan 04

You can't just move a program file - there are pointers and references to where it is installed, all over the place. If you move it they will point to the wrong place.

The only way to do it is to uninstall and install it somewhere else. if t doesn't give you that option, then tough luck - you're stuck with it.

  DieSse 23:16 25 Jan 04


  dfghjkl 23:24 25 Jan 04

thanks for your quick response.i can leave the file where it is but i dont have enough space on my c drive to store my photos.

  woodchip 23:37 25 Jan 04

Just put them on another drive when you choose "save as"

  Djohn 04:01 26 Jan 04

Hi dfghjkl, the C: drive is probably the best place for the program itself, and as woodchip says, save your photo's to another drive/partition. This is the way I have mine set up. j.

  Jester2K 08:09 26 Jan 04

Whilst trying to avoid repeating the advise above i have to say that if you don't have enough space on the C Drive either a) Add a second hard drive to store the photos on or b) clean up the C drive a bit. Uninstall some programs, run the disk clean up wizard. Have a look theres probably some room to be gained somewhere...

  dfghjkl 19:17 26 Jan 04

there is no room on c because i partitioned it with photos in mind and have 10gig free as f drive,so i have plenty of room but i want the photos on a seperate partition,i am going to reinstall the kodak software to see if i missed a "save as",thanks chaps,will get back to you.peter.

  woodchip 22:20 26 Jan 04

"save as" is under File in the Menu

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