unable to instal xp on my laptop

  lakeman 30 Apr 11

i have an oldish hp laptop with an intel celeron 2g mhz and 1gb of ram which had xp on it til it went haywire so i had to format and instal vista ultimate sp 2. due to it having only standard vga all the screen doesnt get filled. my solution was to reinstal xp but not having the original cd i borrowed one but the result was the message"no system disk in drive " but it installed the vista ok afterwards. i know i could buy a new video card and keep vista but i prefer xp , i dont understand why it wont see the xp cd... hope i havnt rambled....thanks

  lakeman 30 Apr 11

hi guys i just looked at what i asked and i realise ive answered my own question i am a novice so excuse me.. could someone just tell me why the xp disk wont boot when the vista will. from a clean install..just want to know

  rdave13 30 Apr 11

Not sure about this one. Have you configured it to boot from CD as first option in the bios? When you reboot with the XP disc in the drive do you get the option to press any key to boot from CD?

  lakeman 30 Apr 11

yes the option is there and i have cd/dvd rom as first boot device, the message implies the disc is bad or the drive is but vista ultimate booted on it and my mates xp disk works on his similarly oldish laptop.cant fit a new video card as its integrated so my intention was to replace xp because its not as resource hungry...ty for yr response

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 30 Apr 11

Tried disabling all boot devices except CD drive? Save and Exit F10

See then if it will boot from the XP CD

  lakeman 30 Apr 11

i will try that and post back yay or nay...ty

  canarieslover 30 Apr 11

What service pack version of XP are you trying to install? If it's an early (pre sp2) version and the hard drive is SATA then XP will not be loading drivers to allow it to 'see' the SATA drive.

  lakeman 30 Apr 11

you touched a nerve there, i tried again and got the process started , setup then stopped after loading files then got the message "setup cant find any hd installed on this pc setup cannot continue" went on to say a manufacturer diagnostic prog may be needed.

  onthelimit1 01 May 11

That'll be the reason then. Choice of using an external floppy drive to install the drivers from the manufacturers site or slipstream them onto the XP OS.

link text

  robin_x 01 May 11

Check if OEM disc and slipstream is allowed?

  lakeman 01 May 11

xp pro with sp3 with all the sata and raid drivrs seem to have sorted things out. thanks


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